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Lower Ab Workout Exercises For Women

Trying to get rid of love handles has always been one of the most difficult tasks for women and the readers of this site when they are trying to lose weight and tone their bodies to get perfect abs.

Lower ab workout exercises can be difficult, many women often stop in the middle of their workout programs before seeing the results they want.

Diet also plays a large role and is a vital factor in actually seeing any of the work you do with your workouts and is another factor you need to consider to be successful.  This can’t be stressed enough.  This can be difficult as many foods you think are healthy can actually make you fatter although it’s easy if you know the right foods to eat.

The lower abdomen stores the maximum amount of body fat, which is the reason why the midsection is one of the heaviest body parts and hardest to tone.

Take a look below at the video and instructions for tips on how to perform the best workouts for this body area.

Oh and the great thing is they can all be done at home so you don’t have a need any gym membership you can take advantage of these exercises!

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunch exercises are among the best of the lower ab exercises. They provide effective results and are easy to do.

How You Do Reserve Crunches

First, you get on the ground or gym mat and then you either place your hands behind your head or beside your legs.

You will need to keep your legs straight because you want your body to remain flat. Then, you pull your legs up and bend them till they are positioned in a right angle.

While you lift your knees, you can either keep your feet joined together or cross them to each other. Next you need to lift your hips while also tightening your abs and bringing your knees up to your chest.

The final step is to bring your knees down until they reach the ground. You will repeat these movements 15 more times to complete the routine.

Ground Cycling

This exercise is where you do bicycle movements while laying down on the ground.

This is among the most popular of the flat ab exercises for women. There are many fitness trainers that believe that ground cycling, also known as bicycle crunches, combined with controlled breathing will help tone both the lower and upper abs.

Initially, many people find bicycle crunches hard to do.

How to Do ground Cycling

First, you get on the ground and then straight your legs out.

Then you lay back while you keep your arms placed behind your next. Your next step is tightening your abdomen, lift up one leg, and then put the elbow of your opposite arm to the knee.

While you are touching your knee with your elbow, you must keep the other leg straight. You will repeat the same movements on the other side without resting your neck on the ground.

If you prefer, you can eliminate your elbow and knee movements and do simple air cycling while you are on your back.

The results won’t be as good though if you skip the knee and elbow movements.

You will need to repeat the movements a total of 20 times–10 per side.

Alternate Toe-Touch

The toe-touch is an extremely simple exercise that helps you tone your lower abs.

For those suffering from back pain or injuries, you probably shouldn’t do this type of exercise. However, you can do the alternate toe touch.

How to Do the Alternate Toe-Touch

Lay down with your back on the ground or gym mat and raise your legs in the air, keeping some distance between them.

Make sure your legs create a right angle to the ground. Then you will bring your chin and chest up to the ceiling while raising your shoulders off the ground.

Next, you will put the foot of one of your legs to the opposite arm before going back to the initial position. You will repeat that step for the opposite side. Redo this exercise 20 times – 10 per side.

Holding Situps

The easiest and simplest lower ab exercise that requires very little effort is the holding situp.

This should not be done by women who have back problems or injuries.

Holding Situp Instructions

First lay down on your ground or gym mat. Keep your arms placed behind your head. Next, bend your knees and put your head in the neutral position before tightening your lower abs by pulling your chin and chest up.

You will hold your body in the position for a few seconds before returning to your initial position.

That’s It

These are among the best of the lower ab workouts for women at home. You can do one or a combination of these exercising to tone your abs.

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