Does Fat Freezing Just Transfer the Fat to Other Areas?

Does Fat Freezing Just Transfer the Fat to Other Areas?

Cryolipolysis is the name of treatment that is used to get rid of fat cells by destroying them with the help of freezing. The basic principle of fat freezing is about controlling cooling in 5° to -5° C range, for localized reduction and non-invasive of fat deposits, which helps in reshaping the body. Body’s exposure to cooling leads to loss of subcutaneous tissues of fat without causing any harm to the upper skin. It is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Fat freezing is also called cool sculpting. Under this process, required cooling is delivered to the target area. The fat cells die after crystallization. With time, body eliminates these dead cells, making you more beautiful. The results of fat freezing are long term. The untreated areas face no effect and will face no change.

Fat freezing do not transfer the fat to other areas but eliminates it from your body. Losing weight makes your fat cells smaller but freezing fat makes cells go away. The number of fat cells usually becomes fixed in teenage. Losing or gaining weight does not change the number of fat cells instead change the size of fat cells. Fat freezing reduces the number of cells by 20 to 25%.


  • No surgery: Fat freezing does not need any surgery to be done and hence is less harmful. No anesthesia is required; no cut required and is non-invasive. One can easily relax while Cryolipolysis is being done.
  • Takes less time: It does not take months as treatments like liposuction include. It only takes few minutes. If approval for fat freezing is there then it can start right away and takes very less time.
  • No recovery time required: One does not need any recovery time or rest after treatment. It does not cause any pain. Since there is no surgery one do not need to rest for weeks to recover.
  • Not painful: Fat freezing is not at all-painful rather you can relax while it is done. There are no painkillers required for it.
  • Affordable: It is affordable and cheap as compared to other treatments. Treatments like liposuction are very costly. Other surgeries are costly. It does not need any operating room that reduces the cost of treatment.
  • Quick process: It is a fast process as it only takes few minutes whereas other treatment takes hours and after that time for recovery as well.
  • Affects target area: Fat freezing only affects target areas and other areas remain unaffected. Fat cells of only target area are removed and other remains the same.

Does not damage the skin above:  Fat freezing only affects the fat cells and does not harm the skin above. It does not affect surrounding and underlying tissues.

  • Results are lasting: The results of fat freezing are long lasting than other treatments.



Fat freezing is the best alternative for losing weight. It is painless, less costly and effective as well. It does not cause any harm to your body and is lost lasting as well. Despite of surgical treatments one should go for this.