Eating Too Much Fruit Can Damage The Teeth

Eating Too Much Fruit Can Damage The Teeth

Fruits give you and your family numerous amounts of vital nutrients which keeps your body hale and hearty. However, unwarranted amounts of fruits can damage your teeth and make your teeth decompose. Not all fruits can spoil your teeth or increasing discolors of your teeth like apples, strawberries, celery, oranges and pineapples. But in English proverb says “Too much of anything is not good for nothing” like eating too much of fruits and unwanted foods can damage your teeth and decreasing your teeth bright. Eating too much of chocolate and fruit cause decay of your teeth, especially children. Fruits have sugar which causes the complete crash of your body’s natural health and to remove the bacteria on your teeth. By getting natural whitening teeth, then you should eat

You should avoid bananas, mangoes, cherries, coconut, cranberries, grapes and lychee to get natural teeth whitening and protect from teeth decay. If you want to get natural whitening teeth, then you have to avoid chocolates and beverage drinks. Based on the survey, more than 17 fruits can cause the teeth perish and discoloring your teeth. Likewise, vegetarian has more teeth decay and damage than non vegetarians. The main reason for causing teeth because of fruits has contained large amount of natural sugar. If you are not able to follow the non vegetarian foods as well as you cannot stop intake fruits, then you can choose vitamin c and vitamin k. Vitamin C helps to improve your teeth gum health and vitamin k helps to recover faster remedial after the dental treatment.

Reasons For Turning Teeth Damage

  • Drinking beverages drinks like tea, coffee
  • Smoking cigarettes and tobaccos.
  • Not maintain good diet and eat unwanted acid foods like soda and soft drinks.
  • Due to lack of saliva production cause less enamel protection.
  • Eating too much of sugar containing fruits.
  • Breathing your mouth instead nose while nasal block problems and it provides less saliva production and moisture your mouth.
  • Genetic factors
  • Using antibiotic things.
  • Taking excessive fluoride cause tooth decay.

Steps For Naturally Whitening Your Teeth

  • Brush your teeth after drinking or eating foods, fruits or beverage drinks.
  • Avoid smoking tobaccos and cigarettes.
  • Avoid drinking too much of tea, coffees or soda.
  • Avoid eating too much of fruits like carrots.
  • Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide helps your teeth clean and make strong your teeth gum.
  • Pulling your teeth with coconut oil. Coconut oil helps to protect your teeth from decay and make your teeth whiter.
  • Use apple cider vinegar and it is very effective natural antibiotic. It acts as teeth cleanser to remove the teeth stains and encourage the color becoming white.
  • Using lemon and orange peels or lemon essential oil is good for your teeth naturally. Lemon and orange contains citrus acid to rinse your teeth.
  • Eat strawberries and apples to clean your mouth and make even brighter than before.
  • You can eat mushrooms, potatoes, celery, squash, yogurt, green veggies, raw milks, nuts and almonds.