Does Electric Toothbrushes Really Work Better?

Does Electric Toothbrushes Really Work Better?


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Toothbrush is the best way to maintain your oral hygiene. Toothbrush is like password; one should choose a good one, change it frequently and should not share with anyone. Electric toothbrushes are the new one in the market that reduces human effort. The electric ones are similar to ordinary toothbrush but the only difference is that we don’t need to move our hands much in this whereas in ordinary toothbrush we need to move our hands much. Electric toothbrush helps in keeping tooth looking whiter. The advantages of electric toothbrush are:


  • Easy To Use

These brushes are easy and convenient to use. These brushes only need to be guided along surface of teeth and after that it easily cleans them. Also people find it convenient to use specially in case of children it is very easy to use as they do less efforts in cleaning there teeth, so electric brushes are perfect for them.

  •  Keeps Teeth, Gums And Tongue Healthier

Electric brushes help in doing what manual toothbrush can’t do. It helps in removing all tartar and plaque built up between the teeth. The rotating head feature of it helps in putting appropriate pressure and cleaning properly.

  • Fight Gum Diseases And Gingivitis

Electric toothbrush helps in reaching even those places in mouth where manual toothbrush can not reach that helps in fighting gum diseases and problem of gingivitis.

  • Helps In Removing Bad Breath

Food and plaque lodged in corner of teeth is a cause of bad breath. Electric toothbrush helps in reaching every nook and corner of mouth and removing such microelements from teeth and hence helps in getting rid of bad breath.

  • Cleans Thoroughly

Electric brush cleans the whole mouth thoroughly and doesn’t leave any corner. It covers each and every part. Unlike humans it isn’t lazy and does it works thoroughly.

  • Protects From Brushing Too Hard

It keeps you from brushing too hard as sometimes manually we puts so much pressure while brushing that it leads to gum recession. Electric brush only exerts the pressure that is needed for cleaning properly. This helps in protecting teeth and cleaning them as well.

  • Helps In Brushing For Appropriate Amount Of Time

Electric brushes have in built timers and brush your teeth for amount of time, which is appropriate and doesn’t harm your teeth and in which proper cleaning is also done. Minimum 2 minutes should be spend for cleaning teeth that is 30 seconds for every quadrant of mouth and mouth has 4 quadrants.

  • Environment Friendly

They are more environment friendly than manual toothbrush as they work for more time than manual ones. In addition, there is less plastic used in making electric toothbrush. Hence, it helps in less waste and is environment free.

  • Helps In Keeping Tooth Looking Whiter

Electric brushes clean teeth well. Proper cleaning helps teeth getting whiter. That’s how electric brush helps in keeping tooth looking whiter.

These few ways prove that electric brushes are better than manual ones. They are more effective and work in a better way.